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Address: 268 W 7th Ave Eugene OR 97401 - Find our shop in Eugene
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We offer local business order delivery services, equipment rentals and in store purchase discounts for local professionals and students! Contact us for details. We usually are able to respond within 24 hours.

We have 6 private parking spaces located directly behind our building accessible 24 hours a day via the (7th St alley).  


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Mission Statement:

Keven (pronounced Koo-Vhen) is a concept brand (founded 01/2014 in NYC) intended to merge the fine art world into the functional world of skincare & metaphysics. 
Our brand revolves around the highest quality concepts & raw ingredients making us a gold standard among handmade brands on the market. Our products are only made in micro batches of up to 15 at a time.
As a skincare line we have broken industry barriers of innovation, via our proprietary recipes made from raw ingredients, while balancing the ecological impact of our products. 
We never use palm oil, paraffin (petroleum derived), any fragrance oils, liquid plastics, parabens, or chemical preservatives. 
We are mostly a vegan brand, only choosing to use beeswax for specific products subsequently elevated by its incredible skin emollient properties.
As a metaphysical line, we are bringing new standards to the spiritually minded, often copied, but never reproduced. 
All of our products are made with intention whether it be a hydrating face serum or a metaphysically intended room spray.
As a family run business, we cover all of the fabrication in-house in our Eugene, OR brick-and-mortar metaphysical boutique; even right down to the labels.
Partners, Tad and Erika cover the branding, tech, concept, fabrication, and marketing of the brand. 
They show 42+ artists in the brick & mortar storefront to help promote the concept of quality handmade goods. 
Erika’s long experience with a world renowned international artist gives her the edge & eye, to harness raw materials into conceptual recipes that blur the lines between high brow & a channeled medium. 
Tad’s varied experience working at Apple 5th Avenue & inside the New York film/VFX industry; brings his meticulous design, media, & uniquely warm retail experience into focus via our brand.

Owner and founder 

erika fortner keven craft ritual witch shop skincare metaphysical

Erika Fortner

She is a lifelong spiritual practitioner and an eclectic Witch and tarot reader since 1995. She draws her energy work from both shamanism and tradiitional witchcraft; and is a master level Reiki healer. Her inspiration of ritual comes from many areas, including her family lineage which to the first high kings of Ireland, the father of Queen Maeb, the King of the the Picts, and also connections with the Welsh Lewellyn family, the Scottish McLaughlins, De Forsythe and McCloud clans. She worked for the Psychic Friends Network while in Brooklyn New York before deciding the ethos of the company wasn't what she was interested in.

She rides the cusp of the Aries and Pieces as a sun sign as an Alpha/Omega combination and has been deemed "one of the most confident, pioneer witches" by many.

Erika owns and operates Keven Craft Rituals as the product maker, buyer, and social media manager. She also owns, curates and contributes as a writer to The House of Twigs.


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Tad Ericson

Creative media specialist , drummer, skateboarder

Super interesting guy with a ton of mystery. Click his profile link for what he has been up to.

Returns are accepted within 14 days from date of purchase on new, unused products. Shipping is non refundable. Return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer. Please contact us directly for further instructions.

Opened consumables (ie. disposable products, oils, lotions, creams, etc.) are not returnable.

Refills: Some items we may offer discounts for re-fills and re-using your original packaging (in-store only). We love the idea of zero waste but are too small a company for this dream to be fully utilized.

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