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We offer local business order delivery services, equipment rentals and in store purchase discounts for local professionals and students! Contact us for details. We usually are able to respond within 24 hours.

We have 6 private parking spaces located directly behind our building accessible 24 hours a day via the (7th St alley).  



Mission Statement:

Our decision to pursue handmade artisanal lifestyle products stems from the love & utter perfection of quality based goods, verging on the level of snobbery.
When we say snob, what we mean to say is, we want & expect the best from products. We want organic, we want handmade, we want products made for both genders. We want products that don't conform to traditional standards but approach their craft as a piece of functional art.

Our products are both conceptual and usable, and play with the ideas of the metaphysical as well as inherent properties of natural materials.

'Kəvən chooses to use premium raw materials, customized and fabricated original essential oil blends, and uniquely handcraft the majority of all production based goods. It's the essential cornerstone of our mission.
Just like our art, our food tastes better when we make it with love. Food made without love, feels empty and less nourishing.

*We never test on animals, use only specified ingredients and no fillers, parabens, or added preservatives or dyes.

Owner and founder 

Erika Fortner

Artist, product fabricator, retired roller derby player- Lil E von Schtupp

Erika remembers growing up in Ventura, California; making good smelling things" at a young age; blending all the flowers in the backyard into water, and some of the spices from the kitchen. She would let her small batches of "perfume" sit in the sun to distill their scent. Sadly, she came to realize this wasn't the way it was done.

She grew up making high-end furniture throughout her youth at her family's business and began drawing and painting. She was no stranger to hard work, and ended up finishing and installing furniture for many of Hollywood's elite. She later went to the CSSA honors program at Cal Arts in 1997. She also spent her time surfing, building computers, getting certified as a 3D-Max animator and then went on to be a QA video game tester with THQ. All of this was likely inspired by something huge in 1987, teaching herself DOS so she could play the games.

Erika later put herself through college at Pratt Institute while she met and began working for artist, Julie Mehretu in 2004. She also briefly worked for the psychic friends network. Completing her BFA in painting, she earned honors in math and science, and was on the presidents list. She also spent a summer abroad in Venice, Italy, studying painting, printmaking, and art history. 

The day after graduation, Erika moved with Mehretu's studio to Berlin, where she enjoyed her lifestyle of an almost California vibe in Germany. She loved the fresh produce, the Bio products (Germany's equivalent to organic), urban biking, and eventually joined the Berlin Bombshells roller derby team. She also had developed a healthy obsession with learning about ingredients due to her experience of high-toxicity materials as a furniture finisher. Germany's purity law, the Reinheitsgebot, was both amusing to her but also something inspiring. There were wonderful personal products available in Germany that were both of excellent quality and affordability. However, her experience in the states felt lacking.

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Breast cancer popped up in her family, and she always had a remedy to find healthy ways to make food and products to minimize toxicity. She was of course ready to pop-in and give advice on how to help improve symptoms through whole foods, raw ingredients and minimally lab produced cosmetics. Erika has two sisters, one a Cosmetologist and the other a Yoga instructor, currently going to acupuncture school.

Erika spent years making her own products, giving some to friends and family, and passing out her herbal remedies for helping to soothe skin, asthma, infections,  acid reflux, etc. She was a whiz in the kitchen with food and somehow used her remedies in the same fashion; some untapped natural gift for materials and their combinations. She is a Reiki master and uses divination and kineseology to help suggest health and lifestyle changes to others (while they are under the care of a licensed Dr.) *Erika is not a doctor and does not give medical advice. But, if you would like personal care products or 'generally known' herbal teas and suggestions found through study, intution and channeling, then Erika might have something.

Erika moved back to Brooklyn, New York, in 2011, after 4 years in Germany. She continues to work on her own art at efortner.com and started 'Kəvən™ because she got tired of not having the right combination of organics & holistics in her everyday products. She is into all types of handmade movements, like probiotics and slow-food. She maintains an organic garden in her live/ work space (recently moved to Eugene, OR), with her fiance Tad, and her pets Adeline and Stella. Her store carries many local, regional, and some national artists. Many of them are women and make an excellent percentage of their goods sold in-store.



Tad Ericson

Creative media specialist , drummer, skateboarder

Super interesting guy with a ton of mystery. Click his profile link for what he has been up to.

Returns are accepted within 14 days from date of purchase on new, unused products. Shipping is non refundable. Return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer. Please contact us directly for further instructions.

Opened consumables (ie. disposable products, oils, lotions, creams, etc.) are not returnable.

Refills: Some items we may offer discounts for re-fills and re-using your original packaging (in-store only). We love the idea of zero waste but are too small a company for this dream to be fully utilized.

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